Tri state ride-Day 3

Day 3-17|08|08

We were ready by 7:00 am and checked out of the hotel and were heading towards Tamil Nadu.Ooty is hardly 100kms away from this place.We had to travel through other part of Bandipur today.The roads before the forests started were very bad.These bad roads continued for some 15kms and then we entered Bandipur.

As soon as we entered the forest we saw many deers grazing around.This part of the forest was different from the one we travelled through the previous day.We took many pics and shot videos.Vignesh managed to shoot some part of the ride while riding his bike.

We passed through this stretch of forest where the trees were burnt in a forest fire.

And then finally we were leaving the Karnataka State and were entering Tamil Nadu State.

This part of forest inside Tamil Nadu is the Mudumalai Reserve for tigers.

We had to take the Kalatti route which is a shorter one to Ooty.This route had 36 hairpin bends and we enjoyed bending and leaning in every hairpin bend.Vignesh wasnt confident in taking the hairpin bends.The reason could be that because it was his first time riding in the Ghats.

After the ghats we entered Ooty .It was so refreshing climate.We could feel the cold air passing through our helmets and gloves.

We headed straight to Dottebetta-the highest peak in Nilgiris.

Reaching Dottebetta we went to the park.It was in the afternoon and we were surrounded by mist all over.

Clicked pics there and left in a while.We spotted the track down the hill.I wanted to reach that spot.So we managed to find our way down there to the track and it was worth reaching that spot.Clicked some awesome pics.

We were going to Cunnoor.Stopped by a shop to get tea and chocolates for home.The roads between Ooty and Cunnoor were laid recently and there was minimal traffic.This time we enjoyed the ghtas completely.It was such a fast run.We both were zooming through the hills and reached Cunnoor in no time .

Had a nice lunch at Cunnoor and left to Mettupalayam.This stretch of ghats was so crowded with traffic and since the roads were under construction vehicles were regulated by stopping one side for sometime and allowing the opposite side to come.This was so irritating and consumed lot of time.

Here I had a crash!!!Vignesh was well ahead of me and nowhere in sight. I was doing speeds of 50 and there was this Honda City fellow who overtook me and was going.He was speeding and coudln accomodate an upcoming bus in one curve ,he had braked hard and skidded.He was right accross the road blocking the road.I come out of a curve and was shocked to see a car parked right accross the road!!!Man!!!!I applied the brakes and thanks to the disks I managed to slow down but coudn avoid hitting him.Banged the car and fell down.When I got up the car had cleared and went.I found that the air vent kinda thing on the front fairing had broken and there was a crack on the fairing .....I was so worried to see my 6 day old 220 having a crash .I had bruises on my left knee and it was bleeding.I stopped by and did some first aid work.Tried calling Vignesh but the mobile wasnt reachable.Finally the ghats section was over and reached the plains.I met him here and explained the entire episode.

We pushed hard and reached Perundurai for the night.Located a descent lodge the hit the sacks!


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