Run-in Ride

This ride was done on 13|08|08.Even though it is not a proper long ride but it was my first ride my 220 so thought of sharing with you guys.It was on 11|08|08 when I got my 220 delivered.Before getting my bike I had planned on this Big ride.Everything was set for it ,except that I didn't get my bike delivered.So finally I got her on 11|08|08.Before the Big ride I wanted to complete the first service of my bike.For the first service I had to complete atleast 500kms.So I had planned on short ride to Pondicherry.

I got my registration number only on 12|08|08 evening.As soon as I got my number took her on a spin within the city and completed 100kms within 3 hrs of only city riding.Then on 13th I started off from my home to my college which is located on the Old Mahaballipuram road at some 50kms away from my home.Till my college I was accompanied my friend in his P200.

P220 and P200 at ECR Toll Plaza.

After reaching my college I showed my new bike to my friends and left to Pondy by 8:50 AM which was some 110kms from my college(one way).I was strictly running-in my bike.So planned not to cross the 5k mark on the RPM.I was cruising on my new bike on the ECR at 60-65kmph with my mp3 players in my ears.I stopped on the way for pics.

I have gone through this route for more than 5 times but I have nerev noticed such a beautiful place!It was this stream flowing beside the roads on the left side.I managed to take my bike to the bank of the stream and clicked some pics.

After this I rode for some half an hour and I reached Pondy!Didnt want to enter the town.Stopped by a shop and got a pepsi ,drank it and started my ride back!On the way back I was stopped at a Police check post and was checked for papers(The police fellow was surprised to seee me riding to Pondy and back on a two day old bike).After this I stopped just once for these pics.

After a while I got a call from my classmate asking me where was I.I said that I was some 20 kms away from college,he asked me to come to college so that I can attend my lab session!!!!I thought it will be a good idea to go to college so that I will get attendance for my lab.I was just in time for my lab by 1:00 PM.My classmates were shocked to see me back in college .I was thinking yes I know I am crazy.Thats it, this was my first sweet ride with my 220

Finally I was able to complete 500kms(with last10kms being covered from my home to Pro Biking service station)and getting my first service done on 14|08|08 and started on the Big Ride on 15|08|08.

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