Tri state ride-Day 4

Day 4- 18|08|08

We started from Perundurai in the early hours of the morning and it was raining too.The roads between Perundurai and Erode were under construction and we had to shift lanes often which involved some off roading as well.The visibility was poor dude to the rains.We managed to reach erode.Stopped for a tea.Waited for the sun to rise.After this we were confident and we headed to Salem foe breakfast.After breakfast we took the State Highway to reach Ulundurpet from where we can head to Chennai in the GST.The State Highway was pretty good.We maintained speeds of 80-90kmph.Upon reaching Ulundurpet we planned to push further to Thindivanam for lunch.At Thindivanam we had some snacks and skipped lunch so that we could reach home soon.From there it was a speed ride.We reached outskirts of Chennai around 1:00 pm.Then rode through the traffic and reached home finally!

We had this nice feeling of completing our longest ride so far!Saw our bike which were almost brown in colour and thanked them!I couldn believe that my bike was just a week old


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Pulsar 220 and Apache RTR
4 Days
1,466 kms covered

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