We have started exploring the world of highway biking,which indeed is a fabulous and splendid experience. This is a real boon for ardent lovers to showcase their passion for biking on roads. It not only reaches the physical plane but also bestows a soothing effect to the mind. This has made us act smarter and achieve targets better. We are just getting grooved into this lane of biking now. We have started off with our four days ride to Ooty. We are really happy to share our experiences with you and enlighten you on facts about highway biking.. All the awe-inspiring moments have been snapped and enclosed here, do delve into them and rejoice further..This site has been started with the goodwill of communicating with other bike rangers and thus needs your constant support and motivation for its useful outcome. We eagerly await your valuable suggestions and comments for further progress..

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Hey all the pics are gud so is the slide show da!! rock on!!!

Short night ride in the ECR

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Pulsar 220 and Apache RTR
4 Days
1,466 kms covered

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