Day 5 - June 5 2013 Kargil - Lamayaru - Leh 215 kms

Route map - 

Day 5 was Kargil to Leh via Lamayuru. We started from Kargil after tanking up our rides. Initial few kms were worse with us riding on no roads and very dry landscapes with dusty wind blowing. 

After 40 kms from Kargil we reached Mulbekh which had the statue of Future Buddha. This was the usual breakfast stop for the travelers. 

With just a couple of restaurants serving food, it took a while for us to get our food and get going. So went almost an hour at this stop. We met fellow bikers from Delhi who were on their Enfields and they had plans to camp where ever possible. At this stop Vignesh had a chat with the local kids who were on their march towards another school celebrating and creating awareness on the world Environment day. 

After this we were heading towards Lamayuru. Lamayuru had moon like landscapes and there was even a sign board from BRO saying “Enjoy the landscapes of the Moon Land” We crossed Fotu La which is at 13,478 ft is the highest pass in the Sirnagar – Leh highway. But this was not a treacherous climb as most of other passes are. This had a smooth highway passing through it.

This was our set up to capture videos . It did a decent job 

We stopped at Lamayuru for lunch. Hot momos were good here. At Lamayuru, a couple of French ladies wanted lift on our bikes till Leh which was a 100 kms ride. Fearing the chances of puncture due to weight increase and considering that we had luggage on our rear seats, with a heavy heart had to decline to them. 

Lamayuru monastery

Me with my beloved

Few kilometers before entering Leh we encounter the famous Magnetic Hill. The hill apparently has magnetic properties. You park your vehicle in neutral gear and the hill pulls the vehicle up on the ascending road automatically, that’s magnetic hill. We tested and it did work to our surprise. 

After experiencing this we ride on the awesome butter smooth tarmac to enter the city of Leh. We stopped for clicks at the board which says ‘Welcome to Leh’. We searched around the city for a good hotel within our budget and found a good one. The room had a view of the snow capped mountains. I loved waking up to this view and sipping a hot cup of tea for four days that we stayed at Leh. The evening was spent visiting the market of Leh, purchasing souvenirs of the Ladakhi and Tibetan tradition. 

Finally dream accomplished ! Leh'd ! 

Me at the welcome sign board

Vignesh with his rough looks 

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